Judge David Young

Truth, Justice, and DNA

About Baliff Tawya Young

          Tawya Young serves as the bailiff on Daytime Emmy┬« nominated JUDGE DAVID YOUNG (no relation). A New York court officer since 1996, Young was promoted from officer to sergeant in 2001 and from sergeant to lieutenant in 2004.

          Energetic and enterprising, Young had already succeeded in one profession before starting her work in law enforcement. She began her career working for DDB Needham Advertising where she served as a print traffic manager on such high profile accounts as Volkswagen, Cigna, and Hershey Foods.

          Young puts her education to work every day on the set of JUDGE DAVID YOUNG. She received her bachelor's degree in psychology in 2000 from Hunter College, where she also received a master's degree in sociology in May of 2007.

          While simultaneously working on JUDGE DAVID YOUNG, Young is also assigned to Brooklyn Civil Small Claims Court. She was a recipient of the New York State Courts Merit Performance Award for Outstanding Educational Efforts in May 2005 and the Law Enforcement Appreciation Award in May 2003.

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