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Monday 09/08/2008

Sex Sites And Lesbian Affairs

Pittsburgh resident Leigh is in court to prove to her husband Eric that he is in fact the father of their second child and to save their marriage. Leigh swears that both of her children are Eric's, and has taken a lie detector test to prove to him that she has never once cheated with another man. Eric does not trust that he is the father since Leigh cheated on him with another woman whom she met online, so why not another man?

Tuesday 09/09/2008

The Talented Mr. Malinowski

Stephen is suing his former friend Elise for a loan he gave her towards rent, claiming that she refuses to him pay back and she's avoiding him altogether! Elise says that Stephen is a creepy guy who gave her the money as a gift in the hopes of taking their relationship to another level, and is only suing her because she's not romantically interested in him.

Wednesday 09/10/2008

My Two Baby Dads

Nakia is in court with two men, Travis and Robert, to determine the paternity of her two kids. Nakia admits that she cheated on Travis while they were together, but still believes that he is the father of her first two children, and is sure that Robert is the father of her third child. Travis has known about Nakia's cheating ways, but still acts like a father to the children and will be devastated if he discovers he is not their biological father. Robert is convinced that he is not the father of Nakia's one-year old son, and declares that the baby looks nothing like him.

Thursday 09/11/2008

Knocked Out Waitress

Krystal is suing her former employer for medical bills and lost wages stemming from a fight in his Texas night club. Krystal wants Lloyd to reimburse her for her hospital costs after she was knocked unconscious in the fight and for her tips that are missing from the night of the brawl. Lloyd denies responsibility, claiming that Krystal was drinking on the job and was in the middle of the fight...he says she even threw a punch!

Friday 09/12/2008

Good Boy Gone Bad

Michael and his father, Michael Sr., are in court to find out if Michael is the biological father of his ex-fiance Jennifer's baby. Michael believes there was another guy who could be the baby's father, and Michael Sr. thinks Jennifer has been nothing but trouble for his son. Jennifer admits there is a very slight chance that someone else is the father, but both she and her mother Miiki believe that Michael is in fact the dad.

Monday 09/15/2008

Karaoke Lovin'

Clifford is seeking a paternity test for Debra's three-year old daughter. Clifford doesn’t think he is the father because Debra cheated on him while he was in jail, but Debra is 100% sure that Clifford is the dad and wants him to pay child support.

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