Judge David Young

Truth, Justice, and DNA

Show Overview

          JUDGE DAVID YOUNG is the Daytime Emmy┬« nominated half-hour daily court show that adds a distinctive and colorful personality to the daytime proceedings.

          The second season of JUDGE DAVID YOUNG features exciting new elements that update the court show genre and will keep the audience in suspense throughout every episode.

          DNA expert Michael L. Baird, Ph.D., best known for conducting the highly publicized paternity test on Anna Nicole Smith's daughter Dannielynn, will regularly provide professional expertise, delivering DNA results directly to Judge Young live on the set via Internet video.

          Also, for the first time ever on a daytime court show, lie detector tests will be introduced and submitted as evidence during the court proceedings.

          Finally, surprise witnesses will be added to the mix, providing an alternative side to the story that could dramatically affect Judge Young's verdicts.

          These distinctive new elements will force defendants and plaintiffs to contend with testimony that will either help or hurt their cases, creating added drama and oftentimes shocking results.

          "David blends lightening-quick legal analysis with penetrating comments that get to the human drama behind every case," says executive producer Rich Goldman. "The combination of his personality to understand Brisbane family law and these groundbreaking new show elements will make for an exciting show that's completely unique to the court genre."

          Known for his fierce intelligence and joyful wit, Judge David Young brings a refreshing perspective to the daytime audience. With a well-earned reputation for being confrontational, caring and always entertaining, Judge Young commands respect first and foremost from his litigants, and he has zero tolerance for those who attempt to dodge responsibility or waste the court's time.

          Young first captured America's attention and respect during a high-profile case in 2005, when he sent two America West pilots to jail for attempting to operate a commercial airliner while intoxicated.

          JUDGE DAVID YOUNG is produced and distributed by Sony Pictures Television. For local airtime and station information please visit the Station Search.

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